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U-Lock, also known as a smart deadbolt lock, is growing rapidly in the smart home industry.
It has been widely installed for Airbnb,
House renting, Office and Households.

What other experts say

Looking for Keys is irritating?

” Hey Siri, open the front door. “

When you got home from grocery shopping and no spare hand to find the key?

A smart deadbolt lock with voice control is what you need. Ask Siri to open the door for you!

* the product doesn’t include the handle

Support Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant (Google Home).

Are you an Airbnb host
or a landlord?

Contactless check-in is the trend

Send a code to the guest

SGUDA has exclusive touchscreen keypad with an elegant design. As an Airbnb host, no need to get to the property when the guests arrive.
Create a specific code via SGUDA app for the guest to check-in by themselves.
Boost customer satisfaction with a five-star review. No longer need to worry about guests losing keys.


Your family or friends have arrived
when out on errands?

Remote control the door no matter where you are

Open the SGUDA app

Don’t let your dad hanging at the doorway!
Remote control the door with a simple tap, our keyless deadbolt lock will open the door for you immediately.
Nothing will go wrong when smart door locks combine with a mobile app. It takes you not even a minute.

u-lock becomes
your first impression

SGUDA NEW Smart WiFi & Bluetooth Deadbolt Door Lock. Security and Usability is two areas we focus on when we create our products. We see door as the central piece to home security, so it is the starting point. When it comes to user experience, we feel the best lock is one that works so smoothly and effortlessly that you barely notice it at all.

Designed by the team of
Porsche car designers

If you are an interior designer, U-lock will  bring a dash of sophistication to your clients’ door, in line with German design philosophy! 


SGUDA has specialized in manufacturing traditional door locks for over 40 years. As for creating smart door locks, we stand for quality over quantity, ensure each product from the design, production to packing has met our standards.

You can also change the lighting and sounds of the lock through the app.
Add a personal style to your SGUDA lock by choosing from an array of different programmable sounds and ambient themes.

SGUDA NEW Smart WiFi & Bluetooth Deadbolt Door Lock. Not only are the user settings of SGUDA lock adaptable through the app, but you can also change the lighting and sounds of SGUDA lock through the app, so it will fit its surroundings and your personal look.

The benefits of
Built-in Wifi Smart door lock

Real-time monitoring door status

SGUDA app will send you notifications in real-time.

Built-in Wifi

Connect to the server directly

Easy-manage multiple users

Include access by codes and roles setting(Admin, Owner, Guest)

Smart home integration

Support Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant


Remote control U-Lock via the SGUDA app anytime, anywhere. Featured in the real-time activity feed, share codes to friends/family, dog walker, or cleaning company to enter the house!


Manage your door in 3 different modes under any circumstances (Normal, Open, Private mode)

No matter you are having a house party, or a private meeting, SGUDA covers all your needs by simply swiping to switch modes.

Real-time activity feed

Get notified immediately and receive the lock status on whoever entering your home or any suspicious action.

Customized Sound and LED light

Your first impression shows on the doorway, SGUDA app allows you to create your unique style by setting LED color and sound.

Quick Installation
in 10 minutes

SGUDA smart door lock is made for Home DIY!
Follow the quick installation guide and complete it in 8 steps


1. Measure the door

2. Insert deadbolt into the side of the door

3. Insert exterior assembly outside of the door

4. Install the mounting plate inside of the door


5. Remove the cover of the exterior assembly

6. Install receiver assembly inside of the door (connect the wires)

7. Attach three screws and insert the batteries

8. Test the lock and see if it works

Bank-Level Security

Your security and privacy are always our priority.

TLS Encrypted

Encrypted data protection


Extra level of security by verifying user's identity with email access.


Enterprise level security


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