Is it hard to install a smart lock? Not at all!

Want to replace your traditional deadbolt to a smart one? Still wonder is it hard to install by yourself?


In today’s blog, we’re installing a SGUDA U- lock smart lock. We’ll show you step by step how to install a smart lock on your door. Or you can watch the installation video to help you step by step.




Step 1. uninstalling your old lock & deadbolt

Before installing a new smart lock, first thing to do is take off your old lock.


Step 2.  Installing Your Smart Lock

Once you have got the old lock out, it’s time to put the new one in! Before you install a smart lock, please make sure don’t put the batteries in. If you put the batteries in before your lock install on the door, your lock may not work. SGUDA lock fits with most standard doors width, from 1 3/8 inch to 2 inches thick.


Step 3. Slide the new deadbolt in

slide the new deadbolt in

Make sure the up arrow is pointed up before you slide the new deadbolt in.


adjust the length

Adjusting the length by twisting the deadbolt to make it longer or shorter to fit your door.


insert the deadbolt in

Insert the deadbolt into the side of the door. Check and see if the bolt interior centers with your door well. And make sure the bolt is retracted. Next, you can attach the deadbolt to the door with screws on either side of the deadbolt.


Step 4. Installing the exterior assembly


Next, you are going to install the exterior assembly on the outside of your door. Notice that the thing circle in red in the picture should be on top.


take the wire under the deadbolt

Insert the exterior part to your door. Take the wires underneath the deadbolt. Your assembly might fall out of the door at this point. So please keep holding the exterior assembly on the other side or using the sticky tape to hold it in place until you secure it with screws.


Step 5. Installing Lock Mounting Plate


Next, grab the mounting plate and go against the interior of the door. Then run the wire through the smaller hole in the mounting plate. Make sure it’s secure with two screws that are the right length for your door.


Step 6. Installing the interior assembly

sguda lock plug the wires into connector

Remove the cover of the interior assembly. Plug the wires into the connector on the back of the lock.


sguda lock thumb turn

Pay attention to the thumb-turn and make sure it is pointed away from your door frame.


ssguda lock attach the lock

Once you’ve the cable connected, press the lock in to the hole and attach the lock with 3 screws.


Step 7. inserting the batteries

insert the batteries in

Now all that’s left to do is insert your batteries and put the cover back.


Finally, try to turn the thumb-turn on the lock to test locking and unlocking your door

test the sguda lock and see how it works

Once you’ve tested it, you can start pairing your lock to the app.

Wonder how to connect SGUDA Lock to SGUDA App?     Watch the How-to guide.