What is the difference between smart electronic locks and traditional door locks?

Wants to convert your dumb lock into a smart one? What is the difference between smart electronic locks and traditional door locks?


What are the benefits and advantages of smart electronic locks? Why do we need them? Below we have detailed the comparison of traditional door locks and smart electronic locks to help you the next time make better choices.

traditional lock


Traditional door locks for the past

We were all familiar with traditional door locks on our front door. And we surely can not forget the most frustrating thing come across in our life is practically walking out the front door suddenly recognized that you’ve locked the door and left your keys on the kitchen table. However, it could pose a serious security risk if your kids or pets are locked inside. If you are locked out of your house and you don’t want to call a locksmith. Here some tips you could take:

How to Break Into Your House without breaking anything?- from wiki How
  1. Through a Window
  2. With a plastic card
  3. By Removing the Doorknob or Door
  4. Through the Garage Door
  5. Seeking Help

Welcome to a smarter way to manage access to your property!

If you want to get rid of the terrible situation of lockouts without making all the effort to break into your house and improve your overall home security, install a smart electronic lock on the door.


What is smart electronic lock?

The smart electronic lock is a smart home automation device that can be unlocked through a smartphone, passcode, keyless, etc. without the need for a physical key. The best smart electronic locks can be remotely controlled through WiFi without the need for Gateway or monitored to easily manage people entering and leaving the house. And the access can be granted from anywhere that there is a wireless connection.


Smart Electronic locks vs. traditional door locks

The biggest difference between electronic locks and traditional locks is the convenience and security offered to your house and your loved ones.

Traditional door lock Smart electronic locks
Entry solution Only one way to unlock the lock- a physical key Multiple entryways-

Phone, passcode, keyless, physical key

Convenience There is only one way to unlock the door, which reduces the flexibility of access controls.
  • No need to keep track of another key
  • No need to worry about lost or forgotten keys because the smart lock ensures that only authentication users can unlock the door.
  • Easily lost, stolen and duplicated
  • Can be fairly easy to pick
  • The damaged key will be impossible to use
  • It can be linked to a security system with smart home alarms to greatly enhance home security.
  • Improved control of who is able to unlock specific doors
  • A certain level of activity tracking
  • The ability to limit access to certain areas at certain times


Traditional Meets Contemporary

Smart electronic lock will use the same mechanisms as traditional locks, so you’re only paying extra for convenience and security. If you like the idea of a hands-free, keyless, and remote control door lock for your house, then SGUDA U-smart lock is the one for you. Best of all, it’s not as expensive as you might think. It makes for the perfect compromise between price and quality.

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