As an airbnb host, find out 3 most common airbnb “key” problems and how to handle with


Safety is probably one main concern when it comes to an Airbnb guest.  So, as a host it is important to keep you, your home, and your guests safe. Below, we’ve detailed several situations regarding entry point safety that you must prepare for and knowing how to handle with. That way you can create a remarkable experience for your guest and encourage your guests to leave good reviews.


1.The guests locked themselves out of room

When Guests are locked out, It’s a sticky situation, and under some unfortunate circumstances, it can even pose a serious safety problem.

Here is the tip you can take:

  • First, try to have your guests find the backup key. If now they are nowhere to be found, at that point have a duplicate of your key sent to the location to help them get into the house. Always have a backup key just in case of this situation.
  • If this happens more than once, it might be a chance for you to consider a smart lock that provides a code or a keyless entry rather than keys.


2.The guests lost the keys

Make sure you have a lost keys policy in your house rules or listing. It can help you if this kind of key missing situation happen.

  • Let’s say your guests lost the keys to your rental properties, having a spare key to your door locks is often recommended for situations like this. Then guide them to the place where you hide the spare keys. Unfortunately, you do not have a backup key or maybe they are locked inside the house, then you should pass on to another locking solution. A smart lock could help this circumstance happen over and again.


3.The lock is broken

  • Assuming that your door is a traditional key lock then it’s time to get the help of your local locksmith. Having them to check your lock, if your lock broken too severely, replacement may be inevitable. If you are using a smart lock with a backup key that for some reason it isn’t working, then send the backup to your guests until you get the lock fixed.


Benefits of using a smart lock as a host and a guest…

A smart lock for your short-term rental provides a considerable convenience and security for both host and guest.


  • Self-check-in?

Self-check-in means that guests can access the listing using a smart lock, keypad, any time after the designated check-in time on their arrival date. If you use a smart lock for your airbnb rental, you don’t have to meet anyone in person for check-in.

Adopting a new technology such as smart lock is one of the easiest ways to embrace self-check-in service. In fact, self-check-in can not only enable the hosts to gain a competitive advantage but also reducing labor costs. For a guest, on the other hand, with the help of smart lock, the guests can head straight to their room and simply tap the code sent by the host without any delays and enhance the customer experience during their stay.

Here is link to guide you how to add self-check-in to your airbnb listing: How do I add self check-in to my listing?


  • Receive a real time update?

The second biggest advantage of installing a smart lock in your unit is the extra layer of security. Let you use your phone to monitor who is entering and leaving your house and receive notification when codes are used so you know the guests have made it to and entered the room. On the other hand, smart locks give guests a peace of mind in the knowledge that no one else has access to the property during their stay either.


  • No more replacing lost keys!

Replacing lost keys may cost you bunch of money. With a smart lock that works with androids or iOS app, just simply resend the codes to the guests if they accidentally forgot the codes. Besides, It can be changed or erased whenever you choose.


  • Conclusion

If you are an Airbnb guest, a host or who interesting in a lock let get your properties convenience and secure immediately, then a Wi-Fi smart lock is the one for you. What’s more exciting is that SGUDA U-lock smart lock is fully integrated Wi-Fi. So you don’t need to buy an additional hub but enjoy the convenience without compromising system security.

SGUDA wifi built in smart lock for airbnb

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