5 things to consider before buying a smart lock, Buyer Guides

Thinking about your first smart lock or looking to upgrade your old lock? Lucky for you, here’s a detailed guide to buying the best smart lock for you and your needs.


#1 Lock type:


Choose the right type of smart lock to replace your old lock is the most important thing to consider. Smart locks come in three types: deadbolt, lever, and mortise.  

smart door lock types



Deadbolt smart locks are the most common on the market, and they can divide into three categories including deadbolt attachment, interior deadbolt replacement, and complete deadbolt locks.


1. Deadbolt attachment (1) is the one that attaches to your existing deadbolt, such as the SESAME lock ($250) which uses 3M tape to attach to your existing lock, is perfect for anyone who isn’t handy with tools. https://jp.candyhouse.co/


2. Interior deadbolt replacement (2) these types of smart lock use your existing exterior door hardware. You only replace the interior side of deadbolts (make sure to check your old deadbolt is compatible with these types of lock). If you want to replace all of your lock hardware you might have to pass on this one. https://august.com/


3. Complete deadbolt replacement (3) will completely replace your entire deadbolt with smart lock mechanism or can be added above your doorknob or handle. They usually fit with most standard doors and also come with a new set of keys, such as SGUDA smart lock. Product 


4. Lever locks (4), these types of lock usually fit with your interior doors or garage doors with a single-hole model (just a knob or lever door).


5. Mortise locks (5) are different from standard cylinder lock, the lock mechanisms and handle are integrated into a single unit, the structure and design are more complicated, and it will be more difficult to install it yourself. If you really want to choose this type of product it is recommended to hire a professional locksmith to help you out.


#2 Security


Any lock has the primary function of providing some level of security and the smart lock is no exception.

Smart lock is designed to ensure that only approved individuals at any given time have access to specific spaces. So, It is necessary for homeowners to look for smart locks with suitable security features, otherwise there would be no point in buying smart locks. Besides thispeople should be seeking for smart locks that follow the ANSI/BHMA A156.36 standard regulation. These smart locks provide your home with the greatest amount of protection, and they are more resistant to lock bumping.

Another security aspect of smart lock you should look for is cybersecurity features. Make sure your smart lock has backend security such as AES 128 bit and TLS/SSL encryption that protects your data so no outside intruders can hack into your account.

If you are willing to pay a little extra for more convenience and security then a wifi built-in smart lock is there for you. The advantage of built-in WiFi is that users don’t have to pay extra for a WiFi hub, while greatly enhance the overall security. Just through the phone, you will receive real-time updates of who has entered or exited your house so you will gain peace of mind anywhere, anytime.

#3 How it unlocks:


There are many ways of locking solution, some keep traditional keyhole, some are unlocked through a touchscreen digital panel, or others are using your smartphone for access.

You have to decide how you want the smart lock to open for you and your family based on your acceptance of the technology. Listed below are the 4 practical ways to unlock the door.

  • App unlocking: One of the things that make smart lock even better is the fact that they can be controlled and monitored by accompanying smartphone applications. Make sure your smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi,  that way you can open the door remotely from your app, anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection with just the tap of a button.  A connected lock is an efficient way to manage your vacation units. Even if you don’t own a vacation house, you can still take advantage of the smart lock to open the door by just taking out your phone and pressing the button.


  • Built-in keypad: no need to bring the key or phone when you go out, just enter your unique passcode to unlock the door.


  • Add-on keypad: Some smart locks do not have a password unlocking function, such as August lock. You may need to buy an add-on keypad to your lock.


  • Backup Operation: It is always good to have a key backup in case the smart lock is not functioning the way it is intended to. It may be the original old keyhole, or your smart lock has a keyhole design


#4 Ability to upgrade by Wifi 


Who doesn’t like something refreshing after a while, it makes things more user friendly and bringing better features. The same concept can also be applied to smart locks. So I suggest you buy a lock that can be upgraded by WiFi. One of the major benefits of Wifi update is that you can enjoy a brand new experience of smart lock from home itself.



#5 Advanced features:


SGUDA WiFi and Bluetooth built in smart deadbolt door lock 3 easy to use setting modes

  • Grant access for friends, guests, or the people you trusted: most smart locks allow you to add permanent and temporary users and set limitations (specific days and times) for access.


  • Access control: Some smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi, such as SGUDA smart lock, offer activity feeds so you can receive a real-time update of who has entered or exited your house anywhere, anytime.