3 reasons why you need a WiFi built-in smart lock

SGUDA wifi built in smart lock

The SGUDA U LOCK builds WiFi support right into the lock can be controlled via phone.

A WiFi smart lock adds extra level of convenience and security, save us time and keep us safe.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest a WiFi smart lock.



More security and freedom


“‘You may buy a stronger lock for your door, but if you still leave the key under the mat, are you really any more secure?’”

Smart lock certainly help you avoid the risk of someone stealing the key under your door mats. Moreover, if your smart lock integrates the WiFi connectivity, it adds extra layer of security to your door. Which mean it not only allows you to see the status of the lock, you also receive the real-time updates on what is happening through your app.

SGUDA WiFi and Bluetooth built in smart deadbolt door lock activity feed

The best part of the WiFi smart lock is that if you are a bnb host, a cleaning service customer or someone who have friends and guests visiting often, you can check the activity feed to know who’s coming and going at anytime anywhere.


Let guests or friends in while you are away


let a guest in while you are away


Sometimes it is really hard to locate your spare keys or keep our copy keys in track especially for a vacation rental owner who has several units. No more duplicating keys or spare keys! A WiFi smart lock can easy up your daily life.

Through built-in WiFi on the lock, you can open the door remotely from your app, anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection with just the tap of a button.  A connected lock is an efficient way to manage your vacation units.


Allows you to check the lock status in case you forgot to lock the door


forgot to lock the door


“Did I lock my door? Can’t remember.”

Never remember if you locked your front door. This is one of most common questions come to our mind when we left the house. The fact is that it’s pretty normal for everyone, over 60% of us unable to remember whether we locked the doors. Fortunately, if your lock is connected to WiFi, you can simply cope with this problem by checking the lock status via your phone and lock the door with just the click of a button.


If you’re interested in a smart lock let get your front door online immediately, and want to replace your entire deadbolt, WiFi smart lock is the one for you. What’s more exciting is that SGUDA U-lock smart lock is fully integrated WiFi. So you don’t need to buy an additional hub but enjoy the convenience without compromising system security.

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