The Story of SGUDA

U-Lock makes the best first impression of your home

Why Choose Us?

With more than 40 years of manufacturing lock experience, we owe to make a breakthrough in the smart lock industry. We focus primarily on quality over quantity when designing and manufacturing every part of our product. Striving for excellence is our philosophy. 

Our Mission

SGUDA is a young team with the ambition to bring you a better way of providing security to home and life. Our mission is to make your busy life a bit easier and add style to your home. In 2018, we went to Germany and Austria to meet with German sports car designer Achim Storz who gave SGUDA lock its look, with the help of Italian design expert Antonello, and our global project was born. 



Focus on how to improve and stand out in the smart home market


Design based on “less is more”
and user-centered


We want to impact everyone’s daily life include ourselves’s

Core Value

Security for Ease of life

We believe having a secure home is the core for everyone, U-Lock has the power to create such a safe place for us with its unique, user-centered, and well-functioned interface.
front door
Superior team

Great R&D and Manufacturing

We pay good attention to the detail from firmware, software to electronics and mechanics.

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Upgrade your door lock and turn into a smart living style!